Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beginnings

Hello! Welcome to Crochet Candi! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will visit again soon!

First, I want to acknowledge a very sweet elderly lady that I am very thankful to and who taught me to crochet years ago. Her name was Mrs. J.B. Collie of Atlanta. Her husband worked with my father and she and her husband lived in our neighborhood. One day she was making a beautiful crocheted afghan that had gorgeous red roses on it. I was mesmerized as I sat watching her hands create, the yarn flowing thru her hands as she formed beautiful roses that she was making for an afghan. I asked her if she minded if I sat closer to her so that I could watch her. I had always wanted to know how to crochet, but I did not know anyone who knew how. My Mother was good at so many things but she did not know how to crochet. So I watched Mrs. Collie and asked question after question. Before long she quietly got up and said wait here and she went and got a crochet hook and a skein of Red Heart yarn and handed it to me and the process began. She taught me the basics of crochet and taught me how to make the roses, which I still continue to make along with other variations of roses. Every few days or so I would stop by and she patiently taught me. She passed away many years ago. I am so thankful to her for having taken the time and having the patience to teach me the basics of crochet.

Over the years I had wanted to learn to knit. I bought many how to knit books, but it didn't actually click with me until I purchased a DVD that taught me to knit called "The Art of Knitting" by TriCoast Studio.

So here's to Mrs. J.B. Collie and to "The Art of Knitting" DVD! Knitting and Crochet have both brought me years of contentment and happiness. I hope you will be inspired to pick up a hook or a pair of knitting needles and join in!

Happy knitting and crocheting!


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